The Siblings Trouble Kickstarter Preview

The Siblings Trouble is a Goonies-style cooperative adventure storytelling game for 2-4 players, by designer Ed Baraf and artist Kim Robinson, on Kickstarter.  Players take on the characters of Adventure, Danger, Mischief, and Mayhem to sneak out of the house and go on a backyard adventure worthy of heroes.  Each character gets to take one treasure item on the adventure, which is represented by a treasure card.  These treasure cards can be anything from a comic book to a garden hose, and before going on the adventure, players explain to the group why they brought that treasure.

TST pic 1
Reference card, Character Card, and Treasure Card, shown above. Artwork not final and subject to change.

The game begins by setting up the adventure deck, adding path cards, big secret, bosses, and location cards.  Once set up, the active player draws the first card, and begins the story.  As the game progresses, players will not only have to hone their storytelling skills for bonuses, but also encounter creatures and investigate locations.  They will roll dice for this, often getting help from a sibling (another player).  If the player cannot match the encounter number, they are sent home!  However, the game can still continue, and there are even some cards to bring back a player from home to join up the adventure.

TST pic 2
I received the weird contraption treasure card, which aids us in our quest! Artwork not final, subject to change.

The best part about The Siblings Trouble is how immersive the game is.  The theme is just engaging, with having a backyard adventure that many of us dreamed of as kids.  You can almost hear the crickets in the backyard and the breath of the goblins in the cave.  The storytelling aspect is highly dependent on the players, but there is a guide to storytelling in the game, in order to help new players in the genre.  Players may also need a game or two before delving fully into the immersion and storytelling aspect.

TST pic 3
Will we survive the next encounter with my trusty comic book?

The artwork on The Siblings Trouble is simply amazing.  You can see the dripping caves and creepy mad scientist lab just pop out from the cards.  Each card is easy to read and spurs on imagination.  The artwork allows the players to get even more immersed as it sets up the scene of each part of the story.

TST pic 4
I’ve encountered a dark troll, and now I must roll to see if I survive the encounter!

The Siblings Trouble would make a great introduction to Tabletop RPGs, especially for new gamers or kids.  However, the game isn’t only a novice game, as seasoned gamers will also enjoy the gameplay.  Adding any immersion such as background music or low lights can heighten the tension and excitement of the game. The game itself does have ways to increase the tension, by revealing the boss early and being able to add fear counters on the boss to make them scarier and stronger.

Overall, The Siblings Trouble is a fantastic storytelling adventure game.  One can see this easily at the table of families and also at experienced game groups.  The artwork is amazing, and the nod to movies like the Goonies and Spirited Away makes The Siblings Trouble shine.

I was sent a prototype copy for this review.


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