The Goonies: Adventure Card Game Review

The Goonies: Adventure Card Game is a fully cooperative board game for 1-4 players using the movie: The Goonies as the setting. The Goonies: ACG is designed by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle and published by Albino Dragon. The goal of The Goonies: ACG is to find all paths to One Eye Willy’s ship by clearing obstacles and defeating the criminal family the Fratellis.

My son makes a cameo in set up photo for The Goonies: ACG
My son makes a cameo in set up photo for The Goonies: ACG

At the start of the game, players choose one of the neighborhood kids as their character. Each character has a different power which can be used throughout the game. There are 5 different locations where players have to search for the path to One Eye Willy’s ship. There are also obstacles in each location, which the players have to play cards from their hand to clear.img_3064

What’s most interesting about The Goonies: ACG is that there are no individual turns in the game. Players have four actions as a whole group and have to decide together what to do. This is a great mechanic for groups who make decisions easily together or for players who are newer board games. It is easy to teach as just one experienced player can help the whole group make decisions.img_3061

However, players do get to make some individual decisions as their characters has special abilities they can activate during the game. This helps players to feel important in the game, otherwise, whoever had the strongest personality would just take over the game. The decisions in The Goonies: ACG are pretty basic, you just need to play cards to clear obstacles, and keep track of how many Fratteli cards are in play. While the game itself is not complex, it does provide good fun especially for those who enjoy cooperative games. I also appreciate that there are different difficulty levels and a challenge mode. This will help the game to have good replay value, since the default game is straight forward and easy to win.img_3067

While many of the cards had photos from the movie, other cards had pretty basic object art on them. I wasn’t super impressed with the art, and I wish it had been a little higher quality. To be honest, I think this game would have been better with having its own custom art and not having The Goonies IP. There was nothing inherent to the game that said “The Goonies” other than the photos on the cards. That being said, having The Goonies theme could allow casual gamers to pick this up because of the IP and get more into board gaming.

For anyone who has seen The Goonies movie, this will be a highly nostalgic board game. The cards have photos from the movie, which bring back some of the characters and famous scenes. The Goonies: ACG is on the lighter end of cooperative games and can be a great gateway to heavier games. I’m excited that there is a solo mode, which works incredibly well since players don’t have individual turns anyways. While the theme doesn’t mesh completely with the mechanics, it can bring people to play the game where they otherwise might have been intimidated by a different theme. Overall, The Goonies: ACG is a good cooperative game especially for families and casual gamers.


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