Star Wars: The Card Game

Overview: Star Wars: The Card Game is a two player, Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight.  Unlike CCG or TCG, there is no such thing as a “rare” card.  All expansions form the same cards so there is no “collecting” or “trading” that needs to occur.  Star Wars Box

Players take the role of either the Light Side or Dark Side, and choose their decks according to the 10 objectives they choose.  Each objective has a specific set of cards they must put into the deck, which differs from Netrunner.  The Dark Side has a more defensive overall victory condition, as it must get to Death Star rank of 12.  This can happen more quickly if the Dark Side player destroys Light Side’s objectives or wins the Force by the beginning of their next turn.  This causes the Dark Side to try and play a defensive, longer game, as the Light Side’s victory condition is simply to destroy 3 Dark Side Objectives.  However, although Light Side’s victory may seem assured, it can be much more difficult, as the Light Side must take a very quick, offensive approach to ensure victory before the Death Star reaches 12.  Star Wars gameplay

Basic strategy aside, Star Wars: The Card Game is incredibly fun.  It’s quite hilarious to take out Red Five with Force Lightning or for Admiral Ackbar to “exhaust” Emperor Palpatine.  Players must have enough resources to play these powerful cards, however, given by objectives, units, and your chosen faction card.  Do you build your deck as the Imperial Navy or the Sith?  Are you a Jedi or a member of the Rebel Alliance?  Choosing your faction can determine which other objectives you use in your deck, since at least one resource from that faction must be used to build the respective unit.

The base game does give quite a bit of cards and objectives to build decks, but Star Wars: The Card Game works best with a couple of expansions.  This allows for players to build a couple different decks that they may want to try depending on their opponent.  Star Wars: The Card Game can be as hardcore or casual as you like, whether you want to join tournaments or just play with friends.  Star Wars: The Card Game is perfect for fans of Star Wars who enjoy deck building without having to commit to the cost of booster packs.


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