Roll and Write Revolution

What are roll and write games? The simplest example is Yahtzee. You roll dice and write down the set you got such as three of a kind or a full house. While Yahtzee is the first roll and write I played, in the past few years, new and improved roll and writes have been designed. It seems like every month I am finding out about new roll and write games. Gamewright has certainly helped start this revolution with fantastic R&W games such as Qwixx and Rolling America. But other games have surfaced that provide some more complex strategies in such a simple mechanic.



What I love about Roll and Writes is how much variety there is in each game. One game of Qwixx can be very short if the dice roll write or can be longer. I also like how I can play them anywhere, because of how small they are. I’ve even played Rolling America on the plane. Most Roll and Writes also have solo variants in the box, which increases their play value. I’ve played Dice Stars and Viva Java Dice so many times solo.


I also like how many Roll and Writes are very easy to teach and set up. It makes playing with kids and casual gamers a breeze. There are also more strategic roll and writes that have many ways to mitigate dice. Roll and Writes aren’t only for filler games but there are some that require more strategy and set up such as No Siesta!

Don’t know what roll and writes to try out? Here’s a list of my R&W games in a few different categories. Enjoy!


Easy To Learn

  1. Qwixx
  2. Rolling America
  3. Qwinto
  4. Dice Stars

R&W with Solo Variants in the Box

  1. Dice Stars
  2. Viva Java Dice
  3. Rolling America
  4. Octodice
  5. No Siesta
  6. Avenue

Strategic Roll and Writes

  1. Octodice
  2. No Siesta
  3. Viva Java Dice

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