Pixel Tactics

pixel tactics boxOverview: Pixel Tactics is a tactical two player battling card game. Each player chooses a leader from their first four cards which is set in the center of their 3×3 battling grid.  The leader has high hit points and a special power which can grant its heroes advantages.  Each deck consists of 25 unique cards and each player has the same deck.  The cards (heroes) themselves yield different powers depending on where they are placed on the 3×3 grid, each row representing a different wave (vanguard, flank, rear).  Cards can only be placed on the current row wave unless otherwise stated.  Players choose two out of six different actions per wave, which can be recruit a hero, drawing cards, playing orders, attacking with hero/leader, restructure heroes, and clearing a corpse. Battle takes place after the first round of three waves, and there is no counter attacking.  Cards may also be played as orders, which are immediately discarded after use.  Play continues until one leader is defeated.  Winner is who defeats their opponent’s leader.

Pixel Tactics is a battling card game set in the theme of a strategy role playing video game.  The artwork on each card harkens back to that awesome gaming era of 16-bit pixels. New players may be overwhelmed by the sheer text on each card, since every unit has a different affect on each wave, plus an order power. However, after a few games, players become more comfortable with the text. Pixel Tactics plays very similar to a turned based tactical RPG as players put their units in a grid, surrounding and protecting their leader. Because there are 25 different leaders (as each card can be flipped around to show the leader), the replay value is enormous.  There are tons of different combinations and strategies that players may try depending on what they draw. Pixel Tactics gameplay

The gameplay itself starts pretty basic.  Players work on protecting their leader by placing hero units that can intercept ranged attacks, heal heroes/leader, or giving all units a ranged or melee attack.  A player may go for a short term strategy by putting all their strong melee cards out first.  Another player might try a longer term strategy, by slowly beefing up defense while keeping powerful orders for the opportune time to reek major havoc upon their opponent.  As the game progresses, the strategy becomes more complicated as players must clear corpses to place more hero units or desperately heal their leader. Pixel Tactics is a highly strategic game where one wave can produce enormous damage upon the opponent, and sometimes it can be hard to make a comeback.  This can be frustrating to some players as it may be a few turns before the loss is assured.  However, if one can keep their cool and keep the gameplay light and fun, Pixel Tactics is enjoyable for any player that loves the retro theme.  Pixel Tactics is perfect for players who want a cutthroat two player game set in a rich theme.


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