Monkeys Need Love Too Kickstarter Preview

Monkeys Need Love Too is a party card game for 2-6 players designed by Topwise Games which is now on Kickstarter.  Players take the roles of activists who are saving monkeys from being lab rats for a cologne company.  The game is competitive however, and each player is trying to save their own monkeys while sabotaging the other players using action cards or throwing bananas at them.

gameplay photo
Gameplay: Banana cards shown on top, Monkey Cards shown on bottom.

photo 1

In Monkeys Need Love Too, players fill their hand to 5 cards at the beginning of their turn in the Flinging Poo phase.  If they draw a banana card, they are able to place it in front of them (putting it in their “backpack”) and draw another card.  In this way, bananas are never held in a players’ hand and always in front of them.  Players then take turns playing an action card and a monkey card from their hand, resolving all text.  At the end of a turn, a player must feed their monkeys bananas or they will be discarded!  Play continues until someone plays a “No Coco No” card which triggers the endgame if it isn’t canceled.  Then begin the “To the Trees” phase where players draw from the red deck to find out if they saved all the monkeys!

all the cards
All the types of cards available in the Flinging Poo Phase.

The art in Monkeys Need Love Too is bright and attractive.  Even each of the numbered banana cards (1-5) have different art.  The cards are high quality and easy to pick up and shuffle.  Also included is a pair of D6 dice, used for various actions and affects.

photo 3
Banana cards: used for feeding monkeys and throwing at other players

Monkeys Need Love Too is all about the flavor text.  On nearly all the cards, there is flavor text describing the monkey cards (which are often based on real people, such as Chuck Norris).  Younger gamers may not catch on to these puns and parodies, but older gamers will appreciate it.  Players also will have actions or effects to resolve on their monkey cards or action cards.  For example, the monkey “Phillip” lets you draw an extra card on the draw phase of your turn.  All monkey affects are optional, but usually help you or hurt other players in some way.  Not all monkey cards have ongoing effects, which is helpful, otherwise it would be much to keep track of especially for kids who play.

photo 4
An example of an action card you play on another player

Monkeys Need Love Too harkens to the gamer who loves theme, flavor text, and humor. Strategy gamers may not appreciate the goofiness so something to be aware of with your group.  Monkeys Need Love Too is a party game through and through. Younger gamers might not understand the “take that” type gameplay, but players can decide how aggressive they want to be.  While Monkeys Need Love Too can be great for families as it’s 8 and up, some of the action cards have longer text that kids may need help with depending on their reading comprehension skills.

photo 2
Examples of the “To The Trees” card. It may help or hinder you at the end of the game.

Monkeys Need Love Too is recommended for gamers that enjoy games like Kittens in a Blender or Fluxx.  Its high randomness, heavy flavor text, and goofy theme will attract gamers who love light party games.  Monkeys Need Love Too is coming to Kickstarter on the beginning of September, so look out for a link once it launches!


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