Good Cop, Bad Cop Review

Good Cop, Bad Cop is a hidden role team elimination card game by Overworld Games.  Players will be divided into two teams, honest cops and crooked cops.  Each team works together to find and eliminate the leader of the opposing team (Kingpin for Crooked Team, Agent for Honest Team).  Each player gets 3 Integrity cards at the beginning of the game, facedown.  These determine what team a player is on.

Good Cop Bad Cop cards

Good Cop, Bad Cop is a card game with 54 cards.  Five of those cards include the rules, 24 are integrity cards for up to 8 players, 4 gun cards, 2 wounds, one 1st player card, and 16 equipment cards.  Because the game is only 54 cards, it fits in standard deck box and can be taken anywhere!  Small size doesn’t equal small gameplay as Good Cop, Bad Cop has great replay value and strategic choices.

Integrity Cards

Back to the teams, if a player has two crooked cards and one honest, they are on the crooked team.  In other words, if you have a majority of cards toward one team, you are on that team.  The only exception to the rule is when a player has the Kingpin or Agent card among their three integrity cards.  If you have the Kingpin, you are automatically on the Crooked team, if you have the Agent, you are automatically on the Honest team.  Goal of the game is for honest team to eliminate the Kingpin or the crooked team to eliminate the Agent.

Good Cop Bad Cop Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, no one knows who is on their team (much like Bang!).  Players must start “investigating” other players by looking at one of their integrity cards as a turn. This is how players can determine who to start shooting.  Sometimes though, looking at the cards isn’t enough.  It will take up to 3 turns to know who a player is and it isn’t always guaranteed.  For example, a player may use an equipment card to switch two integrity cards of players.  This may change the team they are on.

Good Cop Bad Cop cards

Good Cop, Bad Cop is a constantly changing, interactive card game.  Players have to be always on their toes, deciding whether to jump the gun so to speak and shoot a player without due cause or to wait until they know who each player is.  For the most part, players will know who one or two players are, and can start using equipment cards and arm their guns.  Whenever you arm a gun or take a new equipment card, you have to reveal one of your cards.  This makes it so as the game progresses, it’s pretty obvious who your teammates are.

Equipment cards

The equipment cards really add depth to the game.  Without them, gameplay would be much more predictable.  One equipment card can bring back a player from the dead, but can also change the team that player was originally on.  Another equipment card switches the integrity of one player’s cards.  Some equipment cards aren’t nearly as powerful as those mentioned, but can still change the game.

Guns and Wounds

Good Cop, Bad Cop is definitely more fun with more players, but if game night is smaller, four player can work well enough.  Good Cop, Bad Cop falls into the party game category, since it can play up to 8 players and is usually done within 20 minutes.  However, even though it’s a party game, it still has strategy, bluffing, and social deduction which experienced gamers will enjoy.  Good Cop, Bad Cop belongs in any gamer’s library, especially those that enjoy highly interactive social games.


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