Games that travel well

With various conventions coming up, along with vacations and holidays, the gamer must ask themselves what are good travel games?  Obviously if traveling by car, your options are much wider, but what about games that can pack in luggage for a flight?  If you plan on introducing new games to family, friends, and possibly complete strangers, it’s probably best to leave games like Terra Mystica and Sentinels of the Multiverse at home, unless you want to be that person on the plane trying to hold their huge game on their lap (which is an entertaining image).  Here is a good list of games that are fun, small enough to pack and easy to teach:

Dungeon Roll: Small but fun dungeon dice rolling game.  Can be played with 1-4 people so perfect if traveling solo.  Although I wouldn’t say it would be a great one to play on the plane, it would definitely work on your small desk in the hotel.

dungeon roll gameplay

Love Letter: Easy to learn, easy to play, and can be packed in just a coat pocket.  Even possible to play on the plane or in the back seat of a car (for those that are blessed to not get carsick).

Love Letter

Martian Dice: Another great dice roller by Tasty Minstrel, Martian Dice can be put in a backpack with room to spare.  One advantage of Martian Dice is being able to play with a small or big amount of people.Martian Dice

Mascarade: A new game (for me) that I am very excited about.  Can be played with 2-13 people which is perfect bringing to holidays or family vacations, plus who doesn’t love secret role games?  Small enough to pack in a backpack.Mascarade

Hanabi: A very small coop card game in which players do not see their own cards.  This one might be possible to play on the plane, and could be quite entertaining!  Could fit in a coat pocket and is a great family game.Hanabi

Great Dalmuti: This game has spent many hours at my family’s respective tables.  An awesome card game that can be played with 4-8 players, so perfect for vacations or holidays where you’ll be hanging with lots of people.  Also quite small and can fit in a coat pocket.

great dalmuti

Coup: While hard to currently find a copy, Coup is an excellent microgame that is perfect for traveling.  A secret role game where lying is sometimes the best way to win.  Can be played with 2-6 people and might work on the plane.

Boss Monster: Slightly bigger than all the above, Boss Monster is a great retro video game throwback where you are the Boss creating the dungeon.  Not enough space on the plane for a play, but definitely will work almost anywhere else.  Can be packed in a backpack easily.

There are many more I could add to the list, but these are my current favorites.  Last vacation, my husband and I brought 7 Wonders and Star Wars: The Card Game, which took most of our luggage space.  Next vacation, we’ll be bringing some of the games listed above.


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