Gamers Defined: A Spectrum

I think as especially as board game media, it’s important to define some terms of types of gamers.  I think certain terms (like non-gamers) are used way too broadly, and don’t get the point across.  I’ve tried to create a spectrum of gamers, that better describe each phase of gaming.  And it’s not a scale of one is more epic than another, but just where people are at, gaming wise.

I'm definitely an experienced gamer, but a few years ago I was a regular gamer.
I’m definitely an experienced gamer, but a few years ago I was a regular gamer.

Note that this is a spectrum, you may be in between Regular Gamer and Experienced Gamer for example.  Not every person may find themselves completely described in these gamer definitions.

Non-Gamer: Someone who  is wary of gaming, dislikes gaming, or has never played a game in their adult life. I’m using the mathematical definition of non, which means not.  Basically a non-gamer is someone who doesn’t play games and isn’t interested in games.

Non-Modern Gamer: Someone who has played card games or monopoly in the past, but hasn’t played any modern games yet. They are content playing Hearts with family, and don’t have much interest in these new fangled games.

Novice Gamer: Someone who is new to modern games, and wants to try out new mechanics such as tile laying or card drafting.  They normally don’t want to try anything complex, but interested in games other than Monopoly or classic card games.

Casual Gamer: Someone who enjoys gaming if someone else initiates, but won’t buy games for themselves, or host game nights.  They may not feel confident about learning a game themselves, unless it’s a very easy to learn game.

Family Gamer: Someone who mostly plays games at family events, or who plays games as the request of their children.  They see the importance of playing with family, but don’t have much interest in playing games otherwise.

Regular Gamer: Someone who buys games, enjoys playing games, and initiates gaming if hanging out with friends and family.  They may go to an organized game night at a game store, but mostly sticks to gaming with people they know.

Experienced Gamer: Someone who is very involved in gaming, whether it be with their family, friends, or gaming community. They regularly play games with family or friends and host game nights when time allows.  They are well versed in many types of mechanics and themes of gaming.

Also note that someone may change from a non-gamer to a family gamer, or a regular gamer to an experienced gamer in their life.  These aren’t set in stone.  Alternatively, you may change from an experienced gamer to a regular gamer if you have a newborn or move to an area without a good gaming community.

I could’ve added even more but felt confident about these.  What type of gamer are you?


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