Friday: A Solo Adventure

Overview: Friday is a solo adventure board game set in a deserted island.  You play the character Friday whose peace is disturbed by Robinson who is capsized on your island.  You must guide him through hazards to make him stronger and fight off the pirates to leave the island.  The set up is fairly simple, you shuffle the hazard deck, Robinson deck, and aging deck.  Then you randomly choose two pirates which Robinson fights if he makes it to the end game.  Robinson starts with 20 life, with a possible maximum 22.  Gameplay begins with drawing two hazard cards and choosing one to fight.  Each hazard as a points beat it as well as how many cards one can draw to fight it. Then, draw one at a time from the Robinson deck, which has fighting points on it, including negative points. If Robinson can’t beat hazard, he can spend life points to draw more cards.  However, you can decide to lose to hazard card pay the difference in order to destroy fighting cards which might be zero or negative points.  Play continues until you have beat three hazard phases plus both pirates or can’t spend any more life points (Robinson’s life points can be zero and still win).  In the former case, you win, in the latter case, you lose.  friday game box

Friday is a challenging solo game that can be tough to beat.  You have to balance making your deck stronger by losing hazards (and destroying negative point fighting cards) and beating hazards (the hazards become knowledge cards put in Robinson deck which have powerful effects).  If you don’t get rid of enough bad fighting cards, then in later phases, it might be extremely difficult to beat the hazards if you keep drawing -1 cards.  Then again, if you aren’t beating hazards, you won’t get strong cards such as (+2 cards to draw) or (destroy a card).  It’s this tension that makes Friday very strategic and difficult.  photo-86

However, Friday isn’t impossible and once you get a few plays in, it’s more clear that destroying cards early on by losing hazards can be very advantageous in later rounds.  There are varying difficulty levels which can keep the game challenging once you beat it on easy.  Another important mechanic to note is that each time the Robinson deck is empty, you must shuffle in an aging card.  Aging cards cost two life points to destroy (if losing hazard) and can pack a punch such as losing two life points or -5 for fighting hazards.  Going through the Robinson deck too fast can result in aging cards that hurt your deck.  Friday is an awesome solo game that has  great replay value because of the difficulty levels and different pirates to fight. Friday is highly recommended to those who want to play a challenging and enjoyable solo adventure.


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