Friday: A Solo Adventure Strategy Tips

Many of you have asked for advice on beating Level 1 of Friday.  Since I’ve beaten level one about five times so far, I thought I should offer my strategy tips!  Hopefully these tips will help you survive the hazards and make it all the way to the pirates!  Enjoy!

Friday tips gameplay

Green phase

  • When choosing hazards, try to pick the easiest ones to beat if possible.  That way, even if you draw those pesky “-1 distracted cards” you can easily pay the difference in life and destroy them.  Also, try to destroy every “-1 distracted” card you have in your deck.  Leaving them in can be devastating.
  • Don’t feel like you have to draw up to all the free fighting cards.  If you already have drawn a “-1 distracted” you don’t want to add insult to injury by drawing more cards.  Once, I drew three “-1 distracted” cards in one turn, making me spend a difference of 5 life points!  Needless to say, I definitely lost that game.
  • Remember, you can always check the discard/destroyed card piles to see how many of each card you have left in the deck.  Use this to your advantage when picking hazards in the green phase.  For example, if you know that the “2 genius” card and the “0 weak card” are still in your deck with only two cards to go, there’s a definite chance you can beat a hazard that is a 2 or less.
  • You want to win at least a few hazards, which should be pretty easy for the hazards that only require a 0 to win.  Destroy, exchange, and + life cards can be essential even if they are only a 0 toward fighting.  This will set you up well for the yellow phase.  Also, destroy as many “0 weak” cards as you can, but keep the “0 eating” card, this can be essential when you are low on life.

Yellow Phase

  • When choosing hazards, try and choose medium to hard ones to beat (5 or more).  By this time you should have some good knowledge cards with affects such as
    “+2 cards” or “2x exchange”.  Beating these harder ones will set you up for beating the red phase and pirates.
  • By this point, you’ll probably have some aging cards in your deck.  Try to destroy them as quickly as possible, by using your destroy knowledge cards.  If you don’t draw a destroy knowledge, don’t be hesitant to lose the hazard and pay the difference to destroy the aging card.  They are brutal and you don’t want them in your deck.
  • Remember that the smaller deck you have, the more often you will draw aging cards. The yellow phase is the phase to win tons of hazards, because you will build up your deck with strong cards.

Red Phase and Pirates

  • At this point you just want to survive to the pirate round so you can beat it.  Try to choose hazard cards that can be beat, but beware of the hazard cards where you only draw one, if you are low on health, this can be just as deadly as the cannibals.  If you can choose a hazard card where you draw at least few cards.  The more cards you have, the more powers you can activate, which can help beat the hazard card.
  • Get rid of any aging cards that you can, you may not be drawing many at this point.  If you can’t destroy one, at least use exchange.  Remember, if you destroy or exchange a aging card, the affect gets cancelled.
  • Once you get to the pirate round, you want to use your knowledge cards efficiently.  You don’t have to activate them upon drawing, so I always wait to activate them until I have drawn all my free cards.  Then I look and see what I need to activate, whether it be destroy or draw more cards or sort 3 cards.
  • Certain pirate cards are harder in my opinion, so sometimes you might just get stuck with dying, but if you had great previous phases, you should be able to beat the pirates most of the time on level 1.

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