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Facebook may not be my favorite social media, but I really like the “On This Day” feature. Today, it popped up that I had posted my Top 9 Board Games back in 2015. It was really fun seeing what games I liked and still like, and those that have been barely played since 2015.
It’s really hard coming up with a Top 9, because some games I like specifically to play with family or my game group. My Top 9 probably changes even at the time of year, whether we are playing tons of board games on the holidays or I’m doing more solo games because my son is in school.

My Top 9 Board Games in 2015
My Top 9 Board Games in 2015

Instead of a Top 9, I’d rather make a list of my favorite games in certain categories. I made sure there was no overlap, although some could be in two or three categories. My game tastes change every few years for sure!

A few years back, my game group used to be super into heavy euro games. Now, we play our fair share of cooperative, roll n writes, and immersive games. We still get out our euro games, but tend to stick to light-to-medium.

Here’s my list!

Top Games as of Summer 2017

Solo Games
One Deck Dungeon
Deep Space D6

2-Player Games
Star Realms
7 Wonders Duel

Dice Games
Roll Player
Dice Stars

Euro Games
7 Wonders
Lords of Waterdeep

Conflict Games
Small World
Hero Realms

Co-op Games
Pandemic Legacy
Mansions of Madness
Exit: The Game

Immersive Games
Arabian Nights
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
A Study in Emerald

Card Games
The Game

Party Games


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