Overview: Dominion is a medium strategy deck builder for 2-4 players.  Players choose 10 different cards to form the deck pool at the beginning of the game. Then, after dealing the starting decks (7 coin, 3 estates), players draw 5 cards and begin play.  As the game progresses, players play coin cards to buy cards that do different actions or earn victory points.  In this way, they are slowly building their deck throughout the game by buying or obtaining cards.  Game continues until 3 piles are empty or players buy all the provinces.  Whoever has the most victory points, wins.dominion box

Dominion is a unique deck builder since you choose the cards to buy before the game begins.  You also build the deck as you buy and obtain cards, which makes for a plethora of decks that are possible, especially with the several available expansions.  Another awesome mechanic of Dominion is only starting with 1 action and 1 buy, and seeing how buying cards can help increase that number.  It’s always interesting to see the big chains players can create by buying tons of Villages or a similar card.

Dominion lends well to many different types of gamers as the players can choose to create a long or short game, a cutthroat attack game, or a heavy/light actions game.  With so many combinations and expansions, it makes for amazing replay value.  It’s important to note that the expansions add quite a bit of depth into the game, so buying at least two expansions is recommended.  We enjoy Prosperity, Intrigue, and Hinterlands.  Dominion is recommended for deck building gamers who like variety in each game session.Dominion Gameplay

2 Player Experience

Two player in Dominion works very well.  Players can choose together which deck set they would like to do, which is always enjoyable.  At times, two player can feel more balanced because each player has more opportunities to buy the cards they want without them being bought out. There is also less downtime in between turns, which makes for quick gameplay.  Overall, Dominion simply just works two player, great replay value, quick gameplay, and intriguing strategy.

4 Player Experience

Four player in Dominion works very similar to two player.  As noted, players may choose together which deck set, or assign their host to pick for them.  Players do have less opportunities to buy cards, so if they don’t draw the right coins, a particularly powerful card could find its way into their opponent’s decks.  However, this is balanced by making sure to have a couple different good card sets that players can purchase.  Four player can also have more downtime in between plays, especially if the cards can chain and create a long turn. However, this doesn’t happen too often depending on the deck set you create.  All in all, four player is balanced, quick, and has as much replay value as two player.


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