Dixit: Journey Review

Overview: Dixit Journey is a Storytelling voting game for 3-6 players by Jean-Louis Roubira that has incredible art and simple gameplay.  Players take turns playing the Storyteller, who chooses a card from their five card hand, chooses a word or phrases associated with that card and places it facedown on the table.  Other players choose a card from their five card hand that best fits the Storyteller’s word/phase and also places their card facedown.  The cards are shuffled, then set out adjacent to the scoring board, above spaces 1-6 (depending on number of players).  Then, all players except the Storyteller votes on the card that was the Storytellers.  Points are then scored based on who voted on what, whether the Storyteller’s card was chosen by none, some, or all players.  Play continues until one player reaches 30 points or there are no more cards left to draw.dixit journey gamebox

Dixit Journey is an upgraded base game version of Dixit.  The game includes its own game board, with a reference section for scoring. The cards differ than those in the original Dixit, so if you own both the original and Journey, you won’t be getting duplicates of cards.  The first thing people notice about Dixit is the cards.  Each card has stunning art on it, sometimes beautiful, sometimes quirky, sometimes even creepy. Some of the cards have subtleties on them that only a few people may catch on first glance.  Each card invokes a different thought to each person, which makes Dixit have great replay value.  One player may think of a phase or word on a card that differs than another player.

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Dixit also shines among many different groups of people and ages.  Children will love the whimsy art, as well as being able to be creative.  Non-gamers will enjoy the simple gameplay and enjoy a game that is heavy on art.  Experienced gamers will even have a good time because the art might remind then of another game or experience they’ve had.  While there may be some people who don’t like Dixit, it has so far been great with a variety of people that I’ve played with. Even if you get sick of the current cards, there are a few expansions, all with different art.  This helps the replay value so that you don’t get stuck with the same cards.Dixit game board

Dixit Journey is a game that should be in everyone’s library.  It’s great for kids, non-gamers, and gamers alike.  It’s a modern party board game, filled with gorgeous art, an opportunity to be creative, and an intellectual challenge of guessing the right card.  Whether you buy Dixit or Dixit Journey, you’ll have a game board, and beautiful art on the cards.


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