Overview: Convert is a 2 player abstract strategy game where you take turns playing pieces on top of each other’s pieces on a wood board. When you play a piece, there must be no gaps below the played piece. Player’s score when they convert squares so that 4 squares in a row are their color in a row or column as viewed from above. At the end of the game, players also score 1 point for every square viewed from above that is their color (called squaring).

pic1610756_mdWhat make this game so great is that it is so simple, but has so much depth. At first when you start playing the game it seems there is only one strategy, to cover your opponent while scoring points. As you start playing more, you realize that there is much more strategy than this, you can block your opponents pieces, you can go for squaring at the end game, you can avoid playing on top of their pieces so they can score rows again or a combination of all the above.

With the wooden pieces and board, the game immediately reminds me of Chess, and it has a similar feel, but it is so much easier to learn, yet has much of the strategy of Chess. Looking ahead at what your moves will enable for yourself and your opponent in the future is important to success.

This game of convert ended in a castle shape.
This game of convert ended in a castle shape.

Because of the simplicity of this game, it can be played by all ages, kids may not score as well, but they can still play without the complexity of learning lots of rules like other abstract strategy games.

Games typically only take 10 to 15 minutes depending on how much players think between moves. This means you can get in a couple games in the time it would take to play other strategy games.

With a fast play time, simple to learn rules, and high strategic depth, Convert ends up being one of my favorite two player strategy games.


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