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See updates about our card game we designed: Duel List. How-To-Play videos, FAQ, link to buy game, and details will be shown here.

What is Duel List?

Duel List has been officially launched on The Gamecrafter!  Since The Gamecrafter is a print on demand website, copies will take between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Buy Duel List on The Gamecrafter

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Duel List is a competitive knowledge listing game in which players simultaneously list as many items in a topic as they can in 60 seconds. 

One of the 54 cards in the Duel List Deck.  Geek has topics of board games, video games, technology, and comics.
One of the 54 cards in the Duel List Deck. Geek has topics of board games, video games, technology, and comics.

Game Details:

  • Number of Players: 2-8
  • Game Length: About 5 minutes per player.
  • Gameplay: On a turn, the active player picks one of the 9 knowledge decks and rolls 2 dice.  1st die chooses category, 2nd die chooses specific topic.  Players have 60 seconds to list as many items as they can in that topic on a notepad.  Once the time is up, the active player starts to list out the items they wrote. Players list out their answers in clockwise order, scoring as needed. If any other player shared an answer, every player score 1 point for that answer.  Otherwise, the player receives 2 points for every valid, unique answer.
  • End of game: Once every player has had the chance to be the active player and choose a knowledge deck, then the game is over.  Count up points, whoever has the most points wins.

Components Note: For the first edition of Duel List, we will be including only the tuck box, knowledge decks, and rulebook booklet.  You must provide your own six sided dice, paper, pens, and timer.  In short, it is keeping the cost down so that we could get it into as many hands as possible while still being very affordable.  

How-To-Play Duel List and Overview video:

What makes Duel List different from other popular listing games?

  • Many listing games are either all geek or all not.  We tried to make the knowledge decks as broad as possible, so that no matter who you are playing with, they will have a knowledge deck they feel confident in.
  • We tried to make each topic where at least one player could list 5  topics with relative ease.  We did not want players to have to sit for 60 seconds twiddling their thumbs because they couldn’t think of anything.
  • Listing off the items each player came up with often spurns on conversation or laughter.  Challenging a player for the validity of an answer doesn’t cost any points and adds healthy discussion to the game.

Rulebook File: Duelist Rulebook Version 1.1

Reviews: Review copies have just reached reviewers this week.  In the next couple weeks, we should be seeing a few reviews and we’ll update with the links here.