Carcassonne Gold Rush Review

Carcassonne Gold Rush is a standalone Carcassonne game with a Wild West theme. Players who are familiar with Carcassonne will learn the new rules fairly quickly. Each player starts with 4 cowboy meeples and a tent. Gameplay is simple, players draw a tile, lay down the tile in accordance with the rules, and score any points if applicable. Players continue drawing and placing tiles until the last tile is placed. Whoever has the most points in the end, is the winner!97afb7dd-1e31-497e-9250-426d05fb51c6

Carcassonne Gold Rush is part of the Around the World series of standalone Carcassonne games. Each of these standalone games add some different mechanics to Carcassonne. Gold Rush adds a few notable differences. For one, cities are now mountains, and players can collect mining tokens on these mountains if they pitch a tent in the mountain. A player does not need to have a meeple to play a tent in the mountain. This way, players can effectively steal mining tokens from players who own the mountain with their meeples. While this seems cutthroat, in our experience, players receive around equal mining tokens at the end of the game.


Also, instead of roads, Gold Rush has railroads. The main difference is that if there is one and only one locomotive on the road, then that player receives double points for the road. It definitely makes roads more viable than in the base game of Carcassonne. I also like that the “farms” are simplified in Gold Rush. The farms are called prairies and instead of scoring for completed cities in the farm, players score points based on how many tipi camps and wild horses are in that prairie. I really like this way of scoring because often farms are hard to visualize in the base game.


Lastly, in place of monasteries, we have named cities (Carson City, Nashville etc). Players get points based on how many completed roads come out of the city (3 points per completed road out of the city). This is surprisingly easy, and players can rack up easy points if they draw a few city tokens.

These differences, along with the cool Western art and theme, make Carcassonne Gold Rush a refreshing take on the classic of Carcassonne. We didn’t find Carcassonne Gold Rush to be any more cutthroat than the base game, because our group tends to play Carcassonne very aggressively.


I found that Carcassonne Gold Rush was very fun and so far my favorite of the standalone Carcassonne expansions. I enjoy the Wild West theme and the new mechanics keep the Carcassonne line fresh and exciting. I highly recommend Carcassonne Gold Rush to any Carcassonne fan, and even new players to the game can jump in and learn without any issues.

Carcassonne Gold Rush is for 2-5 players and takes about 35 minutes.


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