2015 Year in Review

Favorite Games we obtained in 2015

7 Wonders Duel, Codenames, Pandemic Legacy, La Granja, Steam Works, Small World Underground, Eminent Domain, Concordia.  We had so much goodness this year.  This may be our best year of gaming yet.  We’ve played so many good games that we don’t even get all of them in.  It’s definitely a good problem to have.

What we discovered about our gaming style in 2015

While I love heavy euro games, I do find that I quite enjoy lighter games like Carcassonne and Codenames.  I’ve become less about the game I play and more about who I play with.  This year at Thanksgiving taught me that since I played games with many younger kids.  It was more about the memories being formed than it was about any particular game we played.  I find that since I play with many different groups of people, I can get enough heavy gaming in through the week that I don’t mind (and usually enjoy) the lighter fare of games.

Our game groups in 2015

We have a weekly game group, a bimonthly D&D group, a monthly game group, and pizza night every Friday with my parents!  This means lots of groups and lots of gaming!  Our Monday night group focuses more on heavier games, but we do enjoy the occasional light game of Carcassonne or Dominion.  Our current favorites in that group are Pandemic Legacy, Steam Works, and La Granja.  In the monthly game group at my husband’s work, we found that playing lighter games work better, since we have often have larger numbers and not as much time to explain a complex game.  Games like Codenames, Spyfall, Bandu tend to work great well in the group.  On pizza night we play with my parents, who tend to like lighter games.  This year we got them hooked on Tichu, Carcassone, and Jaipur.  It’s been quite fun!

Favorite Kickstarters of 2015

There’s several games I didn’t back that were on KS this year that I have really enjoyed (got them retail), but out of the ones that I actually backed, I would say it’s a toss up between Lanterns and Mint Tin Apocalypse.  Both were delivered early and have been really fun to play with family.  The quality has been excellent on both.  For games that I backed but haven’t come out yet, I’m very excited for Valeria (which we got to play a prototype of) and Eminent Domain Battleships.  We should be getting those early next year.

Favorite Board Game Shop we went to in 2015

James and I did a rock climbing/board gaming weekend up in Bellevue, WA to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  We got to visit Mox Boarding House for the first time and it was incredibly awesome.  Both days we spent at least 8 hours there, gaming with each other and new friends!  It was amazing and we already have plans to go back for our 6th anniversary.

Overall, 2015 has been an awesome year for board gaming!  We attended our first Board Game Convention (Gamestorm in Vancouver, WA), we designed and released Duel List to the public, and also have met quite a few awesome board gamers, designers, and publishers.  We are very excited for what is up ahead in 2016!


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